What is Wife Material?

It’s been said that Armani dresses the wife and Versace dresses the girlfriend (mistress if you don’t mind). To say that Armani dresses the wife is to say that she is conservative, demure, classy, and even exclusive and that the girlfriend, dressed by Versace is flirty, fun, sexy and most definitely not wife material, theContinue reading “What is Wife Material?”

(Some) Men are Shallow Too

Hoes, gold-diggers—“Some women would rather be a rich man’s slut than a poor man’s queen”– “She only mess with dudes that got money”– either way you put it, this describes a woman that lacks depth and is only concerned with material things and outward appearances, someone that is shallow. In my years of dating I’veContinue reading “(Some) Men are Shallow Too”

Black Man, What is Wrong With You?

I hate talking about race, really I do. I’d like to believe that we are all part of one race, the human race and that color doesn’t matter so I try to stay away from racially charged topics or discussions. However, there is one topic that I can’t help having a very strong opinion onContinue reading “Black Man, What is Wrong With You?”