Black, not African

I was called ignorant for the first time in my life this past Sunday. I was at a family and friends gathering when someone said they are not a negro. Someone else said they were a Moor, and another said they were African. That’s when I said, “I am Black, but not African.” What followedContinue reading “Black, not African”

Not Carol & The Nuclear Family

I recently watched a documentary on Hulu called Not Carol. It was about a woman named Carol Coronado. Carol stabbed her three children to death in 2014 and was subsequently sentenced to three life sentences in prison for the crimes. I was horrified when I read the description of the documentary. Kids, even your own,Continue reading “Not Carol & The Nuclear Family”

A Black Mom’s Perspective of Nice White Parents

“Our schools are not an equalizing force, because White parents take them over and hoard resources,” this quote from the introduction of episode four sums up Nice White Parents, a podcast from Serial Productions, a New York Times company. The quote is about Horace Mann’s idea that public school would be the great equalizer of AmericanContinue reading “A Black Mom’s Perspective of Nice White Parents”

Billboard, Verzuz, and How Dancehall Influenced Hip Hop

As the pandemic drags on keeping concert venues and other entertainment shut down, thousands of people log in to watch artists “battle” each other week after week on Verzuz. On Tuesday, August 11th I was doing my morning check of social media handles when I came across a post from Sharon Burke, President of SolidContinue reading “Billboard, Verzuz, and How Dancehall Influenced Hip Hop”