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When Ana Wright loses everything, she is forced to make the intense transition from girl to woman in what seems like the blink of an eye. She finds herself alone, deprived and disheartened with her long anticipated childhood dream seeming far out of reach.

Suddenly, Ana’s life takes an unexpected turn and she finds herself living a lifestyle filled with glitz, glamour and everything in between. Lost in the allure of the high life, “Miami Beach style”, she quickly learns that everything that glitters isn’t gold. Still, she is determined to make her dream a reality, even if it kills her.

Follow Ana on a journey to where glamour meets the streets, love turns bitter and dreams come true.

Yellow Tulips & Red Buses

Yellow Tulips & Red Buses tells Adia’s heartfelt, and at times hilarious, story of how the only-somewhat-crazy idea to move from Florida to London earned her not only a master’s degree but also an invaluable education in life and love.

Follow Adia’s romantic adventures with a younger Pakistani fellow, followed by a Nigerian prince. Join her as she interacts with fellow students and connects with her family in London. Travel with her to visit Stonehenge and Marrakech. And discover with her how much the world has to offer—if you are only willing to pay attention.


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