Every Woman Should Know…

1.       That your relationship is your relationship.

Talking to friends is therapeutic. Venting helps you to calm you down and you will feel a lot better after you do, but remember that the person you are talking to is not you and they don’t know your man the way you do. Just because her man only wore Chanel Bleu when he was cheating doesn’t mean that your man is wearing it because he is cheating too!  Because your cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her the day after she met his parents, has nothing to do with you meeting your boyfriend’s parents. There really are no rules to this. Relationships are like religion and politics, they can’t be argued effectively because there really is no right answer. What your friends say may be a guide but it’s not gospel.

2. That men have feelings too

Women can have razor-sharp tongues sometimes, especially when they’re hurt. While a lot can be forgiven because all is fair in love and war, know when to shut up. I have seen and am guilty of saying some very harsh things to a man when I get mad thinking that he is a man, he can take it. They may not show it the way we do, but men hurt too. He may seem like Satan at times, but he doesn’t have gasoline running through his veins, he has blood and is capable of being hurt just like you so watch what you say to him.

3.  How to say no!

Have you ever been asked out by a man and you tell him that you’re busy; it’s not a good time because…knowing that the reason is that you simply don’t want to? Just say no! Men think totally different than the way women do. You may have told him that you’re not interested in that way and that you all can be friends etc. In his mind he thinks that if you’re still entertaining him in any way he still has a chance and he will keep asking. He might skip a day or a weekend but he will ask again. You don’t need a reason why either, all you owe him is honesty. He asks, “Do you want to_________”, you reply, “No”. If you know you’re not interested the way he is, save you both some trouble and time by just saying no. While you’re at it stop keeping in touch and cut the “friend” crap too, he wants to be more than friends and you know it.

4.       How to Handle a Corkscrew

No I don’t mean literally putting a screw into the cork of a bottle of wine and pulling it out. I mean that you have to know what makes you feel good, for me it’s a glass of wine. In The Daily Book of Positive Quotations by Linda Picone, she writes: “I know I’ll feel better about something six months from now, what can I do today that will make me feel at least a little better now?” When you suffer any kind of heartache you might think that time and only time will make you feel better, but if you distract yourself with something you like to do right now and every day after, before you know it you’ll be over it. Find your distraction. Distractions are good even if they are a little bad because that’s what gets you through.

5. That someone disagreeing with you does not
make them a hater.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and that opinion might not always match yours. Someone may genuinely be trying to help you or telling you the blunt truth about a situation and because you don’t agree or you don’t want to hear the truth, you say they’re hatin’. You should be able to accept criticism, especially from your friends.






Published by Adia Kamaria

Adia Kamaria blogs at adiakamaria.com and is the author of two books: the novel Ana’s Magic and the memoir Yellow Tulips & Red Buses. Adia holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Florida International University and a Master of Arts in Marketing Management from Middlesex University, London.

4 thoughts on “Every Woman Should Know…

  1. Lesson one is the truth so many women get caught up with signs “how he introduce me to his partents, this must been something”, oh I meet his kids, his bestfriend etc. To be Honset some of these things means nothing but just that of and introduction. For to be Honset some mothers know they sons are, Lier, cheaters, lazy etc but u think she’s gonna tell you that. Also I hate when woman compare they relationship “well I’m stay with this low life of man because my bff stuck with her man, & look at them now” 
    First of all u only heard the story told from one point of view that was ur bff, you really not sure what she put up with, heck the dude might have been the one putting upwith BS!!! 
    A few Years ago I was ending a relationship that clearly wasn’t working & I called my dad just to get his views on it & my dad gave me the best advice which was ” every woman, man, relationship has it own breaking point some woman is with a man for 30 years & he beat her ass for 20 yrs str88 she Neva leaves, & wouldn’t even think about leaving, u ask her why she stays & she tell u he’s good father, he provide’s for his family, she only works by choice, when they are happy he treats her like a queen, but 
    this one time he goes out & cheat & it’s   Not even up for discussion her ass is out & filing for 
    a divorce.” versa some man can put up with a cheating woman, but the min she disrespect in some other way he’s out!!!

    Don’t get it twisted pops wasn’t telling me to stay nor was my man beating on me, but instead he was telling me baby u have reached ur breaking point so it’s time to move on. & although my ex had some of things I still look for in a man he had one chartertristic that is # 1 on my list “no cheaters allowed” I wasn’t going to look at my friends relationship & say, but look how long they been together he even had outside kids, & they making it work. My dad continue to say if u can sit down & try to glimpse in ur life for next 5years & see ur self truly happy for u think this man will change then go for it, but if glimpse 10 years & u see ur self on the phone with me seeking the same advise then again baby u have reached ur breaking point today & so has ur relationship… Needless to I left that relationship alone

    Section 2 is me all the way!!! I’m say some ish to you, because I’m mad, upset, hurt & what do hurt ppl do they hurt other ppl!!! 

    Gotta go I get back on the other sections lol

    1. Melisha! Thanks for all of this feedback! You made the right choice when it was time for to and that’s what matters, not other people’s opinions. Love it!

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